Days Out

On this page I will present photographs of some of my days out with my lovely girlfriend Lynn.  We like to visit somewhere nice and take many photographs.  These can be used as architectural reference and as inspiration for my next miniature project.

A short drive from Worcester takes us into the heart of the Cotswolds.  Last summer we drove to Broadway, Chipping Norton, Bourton-on-the-Water to name but a few.  In fact a journey down south from Worcester to Oxford will take us on a beautiful 2 hour drive through many of these places and more.  Last week end we went to Chipping Campden.

'Chipping Campden'

17th and 18th century graffiti!  Please take a look at the photo second row far left.  It looks like a bored teenager decided to carve the date 1648 into the stone of the market building and there's clearly another dated 1737.  How neatly they scribed too!


'Hambleden' including Jubilee weekend preparations 2012

'Woodstock'  more photos to follow

'Avoncroft Museum'


  1. Wonderful pics, so much character in these old buildings! We do not have anything this old here...our oldest is the late 1800-early 1900's mostly wood structures.

  2. Thank you Joanne. And I appreciate how lucky I am to be surrounded by such lovely architecture. Whereever I go I look through a tourists eyes! Have you ever come across any pargetted buildings in the US?

  3. Wow! Great photos! Very little in the U. S. is like this, so my frame of reference is quite different. My husband and I enjoyed a tour of GB a few years back and were abandoned by the tour bus in Stratford on a bank holiday. Persuading policemen and railroad people that we really DID want to get from Stratford to Wales in one day took time and effort, but eventually got to the hotel where the tour was staying. We laughed about it since we live in California and traveled fewer miles on our ad hoc jaunt than we often travel on a day trip instate.

    I'm definitely using your photos as inspiration, Shane. Thanks!

    1. Hambleden church Shane, I remember it well - you and me one freezing winters afternoon measuring it up so that dad could make a model of it - and after he had, it looked nothing like it !

      Treasured memories.

      Rox senior.

    2. Hi Dad, that would have been the mid 70's and while I remember measuring most of our village high street with you, indeed treasured memories, I cannot recall that time in Hambleden with you that winter, wish I could. Though I go back there often and from the 70's through to today I have many, many treasured memories of the beautiful village. Shane.....