Sunday, 7 October 2012

New (1930s) Workshop Table.....

Yesterday I bought a nice little 1930s bureau from a small antique shop along The Tything, Worcester.  It can also store 90% of my miniature things and materials.

'The Watchmaker's Cottage' door.....

A slow weekend but the front door is near completion.  The left photo shows the balsa wood and cogs stained and ready for painting, the right photo (inside of door) is unstained.  Letterboxes have just been handmade and placed, the front into a cut recess, door knobs still to be made.  You might be able to make out TWC in the larger top panel.  Initially this was going to be set on glass but I thought the additional cogs surrounding the TWC would look balanced.  The door will be painted green. 

Friday, 5 October 2012

'The Watchmaker's Cottage'.... early stage.....

I have been busy cutting out cogs that will form some of the front door detail.  The photo shows the cogs, the small waste pieces including hundreds of those tiny little bits from between each cog tooth, the simple front and back sides of the front door and the waste panels.  The door will eventually be green as will the barge boards and windows all of which will have the cog design incorporated somehow.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

'The Watchmaker' finished at last!

Due to a couple of days of low activity 'The Watchmaker' is now finished.  I hope you found the photos of the early build stages useful.  I will certainly be making more cog themed miniatures and 'out there' designs but then many people are making inspirational miniatures that are not your typical doll house ideas so it's about time I became a little more courageous with my designs!  This was such fun to make and paint.

'The Watchmaker' is now available, please see my For Sale page for further details.