Friday, 7 September 2012

What a Day!

I must remind myself, "It's OK, it's Friday".  After finishing, packing then shipping Waterfall Nook I then took lots of photos of Melody's Oak Library kit which will depart for warmer climes tomorrow!  But then after putting it off because of Waterfall Nook I announced to all my friends on all our mini groups about this blog and now I am ready for some Fish & Chips & Mushy Peas!


  1. Hope you enjoyed your fish&chips etc Shane.
    I forgot to mention that Waterfall nook looks as lovely as all your work, and I can quite imagine that Colleen wished for a remake rather than a refund (provided you were wanting to do it again, of course, which you obviously did, and succesfully, I might add).
    I am happily and idiotically staring at the Four Candles standing on my bookcase here and thinking about what I am going to make it into :-) It was standing on my windowsill, but than I realized that my youngest cat might consider it a nice kitty- seat and I am quite sure that won't do.....!

  2. Oh yes thank you Elly, Friday is Fish & Chip night, always! Like most of my miniatures Waterfall Nook just evolved. The second took longer because I had to keep referring to photos of the first but was still great fun to make. Yes, watch out for the cats! I am slowly making a 1:12 shop and the bay window is possibly the most uncomfortable looking object in my home yet that did not stop 'Kenneth' slumbering on it! The other day I had a paint pot open while working and he jumped on my work table chasing a moth just missing the paint! So yes, I forgot to mention, miniatures and cats do not mix well! In fact, one day Kenneth was crouched on my table behind the front of Four Candles as if he was looking out, strange cat! Pretending to be a kitten again I expect! I don't encourage him to enter my workspace he just does. His sister 'Matron' is too lazy to even bother! "Oooooh Matron"!